Kino Flos

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Vistabeam 600
4X4 with Select Ballast
$70/day ea.
$50/day ea.
Diva 400
$75/day ea.
Micro Flo Kit (2 heads, AC/DC)
$50/day ea.
*3200k and 5600k bulbs are available for all Kino Flo units.


ECO Punch Plus
Lite Gear LiteMat 4 Kit
Mole Richardson Baby LED Daylight
1×1 LitePanel Astra Bi Color
277wh Lithium Ion Battery for Astra
Lite Gear LiteRibbon Kit
LightPanel Croma Bi Color
Rosco Litepads Kit Six LED sources in one kit
1×1 LitePanel 5600k Flood
1×1 LitePanel 5600k Bi-Focus
Anton Bauer Dionic Batteries to Power LitePanels
$15/day each

  • Rosco LitePads Kit
  • Kino Flo 4×4