HMI Lighting – PARs

6000 watt arrisun 60 with Electronic Ballast*

1800 watt Arrimax 12/18 with Electronic Ballast

1200 watt Arrisun with Magnetic Ballast**

1200 watt Arrisun with Electronic Ballast**
$170/day ea.

800 watt Joker with Electronic Ballast
$170/day ea.

800 watt Joker JoLeko Adapter with Source 4 Front
$50/day ea.

400w Joker PAR with Electronic Ballast

400w Joker JoLeko adapter with Source 4 Front

400 watt Arri Pocket PAR***

125 watt Arri Pocket PAR***

* A Crankovator Stand is is available with this light for an additional $40 per day
** A chimera and speed ring are available for the Arrisun 12 @ $55/day
*** Arri Pocket Pars come in a kit that contains head cable, electronic ballast, speed ring, chimera, lenses, scrims

HMI Lighting – Fresnels

12000 watt Arrisun with Electronic Ballast*

18000 watt Arrisun with Electronic Ballast*

1200 watt Ianiero with Electronic Ballast
$150/day ea.

575 watt Arri Compact w/ Electronic Ballast
$130/day ea.

* A Super Crankovator is available with light for an additional $50 per day