Welcome to Kentucky Grip and Lighting in Louisville, KY

Louisville Grip Trucks! Steve and Nikki Staley’s Kentucky Grip & Lighting is Louisville’s and Kentucky’s premiere production support house with four trucks and a large inventory of lighting, grip and camera equipment.  Our grip and lighting shop is located in Louisville at Production Commons, a studio complex in Bluegrass Industrial Park with two shooting spaces, one of which is a permanent green screen stage, and the other is a large, white-cyc main stage with drive in access.

Steve has over 38 years of television and motion picture production experience with 1000′s of credits as a DP or lighting director for projects in feature films, network television, documentaries and business communications. Nikki has produced many projects over the past decade including dramatic projects for national networks, music videos for national acts, and large corporate communication and commercial projects. Let us help you equip and crew your next production.

Please explore our new website, and call if you have any questions.

For bookings and availabilities contact us at (502) 548-5833 or email us at steve@kentuckygrip.com or nikki@nikkistaley.com.

Professional lighting and camera solutions for broadcast and film

Kentucky Grip & Lighting really loves our new Arri M18 1800w HMI PAR.

Now the “Brightest HMI you can plug into the wall,”* the M18 is a lensless, open face lighting fixture that combines the desired light distribution from the optics of a PAR and a Fresnel fixture. The unique ARRIMAX reflector design creates diverging rays to produce a crisp shadow.

With a beam angle (HPA) of 20 to 60 degrees and a wide usable field angle, the M18 is designed to be both intense and efficient.

The M18 is designed to be highly versatile and meet better lighting efficiencies in a new performance class. Intense and efficient, these lights showcase convenient, cost-effective qualities in addition to the known characteristics and high standards of ARRI HMIs™. These new units also support a 1200W lamp.

The distinctive power class of the M18 has also necessitated the design of a new electronic ballast. ARRI’s EB 1200/1800W incorporates CCL (Compensation of Line Losses) and the latest advancements in efficiency to supply proper power for these lamps.

* “Into the wall” denotes a single, 20A 120VAC electrical outlet on a single circuit.


We are very knowledgeable about all camera and lighting technologies – particularly the newest high definition formats. Production resources in this area are another of our specialties. Please call if you have any questions or need help finding resources in our area.